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''We give the Devil more credit than he deserves, and don't take responsibility

Started by taco_harvell, June 15, 2018, 01:00:31 AM

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''We give the Devil more credit than he deserves, and don't take responsibility for what we bring on ourselves.''

I spent a good bit of time with the guy all the other doctors call ''The best neurologist in Virginia and possibly the country.'' this afternoon. We discussed the issues that have been going on that was misdiagnosed as neuritis that's actually my central nervous system going crazy. My internal temp is normal But my head, upper torso, and the entire right side of my body read 106+ with the thermometer the nurse rolls over the skin. Basically, he said the same part of the brain stem that causes my central apnea (it sometimes forgets to tell me to breath) has the ends of the nerves and skin thinking it's basically severely burned.

Fans, AC, and ice don't take the feeling away but do ease it a little. After getting this news and finding out I can't get these abscessed teeth out till July 3rd we were driving home not talking and no music was on just the sounds of the road and pain in my body. Suddenly as I sit thinking of the amount of pain I was in a song came to mind.

Now, I wish I could say the Lord sent it o me. I kind of wish I could blame it on the devil. But, sadly I filed it there when I was 13 not going to church and hadn't thought about it in 26+ years. Yet somehow the same fleshly mind playing tricks on me physically putting me in physical pain thought it was the perfect time to bring this chorus to mind;

"I'd be better off in a pine box
On a slow train back to Georgia
Or in the grey walls of a prison doing time
I think I'd rather die
And go to hell and face the devil"

The funny thing is the chorus has another line that makes it not close to my situation but I couldn't remember the last line till I searched for it. My brain must have thought the cheating woman line wouldn't send me in the direction it wanted me to go...

Well it didn't work me and my wife began praying and I started quoting scriptures in my mind and rebuking that memory. I'm gonna be real honest I can see how people can take a sudden downward spiral without JESUS to help them. Like I also said blaming the devil would have been easy. But, that thought was one I gladly opened the door to as a lost teenager and let it in at 13.

I say this all the time especially to youth; Be careful what you let in your mind that you can't get out. You never know when your flesh will use it against you!
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